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Solution Partner 

For us, Customer Success are ours. Thus, instead of saying "No" to their complicated requests (from building a website to maintaining a big system) like before, we would like to co-operate with any web development firms that can handle them thoughtfully.

We call such companies Magestore Solution Partners.

Whenever there are merchants' requests, we will send the information to them. Our partners will contact and make the deal with merchants directly. No fees or commissions are required!

Right after registration, you have 25% Discount for any purchase. The more you buy, the more money you will save.
200,000 Visits
With nearly 200,000 visits each month, Magestore opens the chance for you to increase brand awareness through a Partner Directory Page, which is a source for merchants to refer..
25% Discounts
Why partner with Magestore?
Hundreds of partners have reached a high peak of sales on joining our program. Let’s see what you can get from us!
2,000 Leads
A large number of 2,000 leads of Magestore each month have requests to build Magento websites, which is a zero-cost source for you to convert to sales.